That's How We Jam

Michelle "Miss Shelley" Donoho

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Our story begins with an idea and a whole lot of blessings from above! One summer after being off from work from a back injury I started a love affair with canning. With fresh fruits available all year in California I began experimenting with the different flavors and making magic in a stainless steel pot. As this magic potion began to boil and bubble I would find myself day dreaming of the next flavor. 

Fast forward from May to September and with over 200 jars canned in one summer I just didn't know what to do. I took these sweet treats to my office holiday bazaar and what do you know.. my first sale of these canned delights! As my excitement of making lip smacking jams kept growing I quickly found ways to share these mini jars with others. For our annual Ladies Tea at church I made my first personalized mini jars and they were a hit! A friend of mine suggested looking into Etsy and possibly selling these lip smacking jams on-line. Never even crossed my mind for this sweet idea.

My wonderful neighbor was one of my best customers and helped do many taste testings along the way. Loving my Spiced Peach Butter she asked me to make some treats for her wedding. I was delighted to share a small part in her joyous celebration! With this new idea of a jammin' adventure allowed me to really think about what can I do with these delicious sweet treats?

Our journey into making an idea a reality started by praying about this new adventure. My husband and I both wanted to make sure that were seeking wisdom and direction from the Lord during the whole process. God has opened many doors for us and we owe our sweet adventure into jammin' all to Him! With each order we have the honor of praying for each couple or special event from beginning to end. 

We have been blessed by this new adventure and look forward to what God has in plan for our little jammin' business! Thanks for taking a peek at our shop and I hope that you will come again soon! 

"O, taste and see that the Lord is good." Psalm 34:8

May the Lord bless you and "preserve" you and keep you safe in all your "mini" jams!

With love as sweet as tea,

Miss Shelley