Belle of the Ball Jar

I married a California boy and after 18 years of living in Los Angeles we moved to Georgia. I grew up in Chattanooga and this southern girl is so excited to be back home. As of August 5, 2014 we officially moved five minutes from my momma!

With a love for cooking since the age of nine when I had my first dinner party (with grown up guests) I decided to keep those southern traditions alive. I remember my mother canning in the hot summer days while we were growing up. There is nothing like fresh from the farm! Tomatoes juicy and red, silver queen white corn right off the cob, peaches with sweet nectar, crisp okra ready to be fried and yellow squash as bright as the sun...yum! yum!

With memories of such great food and recipes shared for generations I decided as a southern woman I should "can" something. My first project was fresh strawberry jam with just picked berries from a local farmer. I soon began playing around with recipes and became addicted to canning! With excited anticipation waiting for the music of the cooling jars to bring back sweet memories.

I am pleased to share sweet treats from my southern kitchen. Making only small batches with fresh fruits, real sugar, no preservatives and love as sweet as tea! This bird is tickled pink to be back in the south and looking forward to the new journey.

I am blessed to be from the south and wouldn't trade it for all the gold in California. The good Lord has blessed me with a family filled with a loving husband, great children, a crazy farmer mother, the best in-laws ever, siblings I enjoy being around, aunts and uncles and lots of cousins and friends to share a wonderful sit down Sunday lunch on the ground.

Some of my family still call me by my childhood name and since canning is a precious memory of my childhood, Miss Shelley's Southern Jams & Jellies is a labor of love and honor for all the wonderful women in my life!

Can I get an Amen...
With Love as Sweet as Tea,
Michelle " Miss Shelley" Donoho
Faith, family and friends are a big part of my life and I am thankful for this new journey! I enjoy creating new jam recipes and find inspiration in so many things. Serving you treats from the heart of my southern kitchen with love as sweet as tea!